About Wade Alexander - Onyx y Pearl

Hi, I am Wade.

Sometime ago, when I was in college, I picked up my first SLR camera which launched a journey of excitement and challenge that helped me develop intriguing vision and a sensitivity for the art of photography.

Spending time with easy going people is what I enjoy. I prefer to work efficiently and focus on quality over quantity. I enjoy collaboration, sharing creative ideas, evolving mentally and emotionally, and sharing my talent and love of photography.

The outdoors, old houses, unique places, and traveling are what excites me. Then having unique individuals like you to photograph. Going back in time to a vintage era with the sound of jazz, female vocalists, and big bands. I prefer natural lighting and capturing the mood and the moment.

It would be my honor to share this talent with you! Please check out our Services, and drop us a line at 336-339-8406

Sincerely yours,

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